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The Colombian that sells the most expensive Condos in Miami

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At 57 years  Sanclemente’s Margarita is one of the most recognized person in the real estate industry  in Miami , United States.

In the last two months she sold two properties that add up a total value of  7.5 million dollars , In today’s currency exchange that would amount to almost 20 billion Colombian Pesos million.

She has over 20 years experience in the business of selling real estate, That experience and reputation has been given her the exclusivity to sell the property  of  one of the most expensive areas in the capital of Florida, Brickell

” I started selling real estate in the United States from Colombia , where I was doing really good. After, the company where I worked made ​​me a proposal to go work in Miami , so I came in 2000 , I have also sold in New York , Mexico and Panama . Some years ago I became independent and created my own sales office, Sanclemente Group , ” said Marguerite from Miami.


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Margarita Sanclemente and her family.

A spectacular penthouse in the 69th floor of the prestigious Four Seasons tower, with an exquisite view of the Atlantic ocean, was the last property sold to an American citizen by  Sanclemente Group at  4,500,000,000, being the most expensive property that has bought  in one of the most exclusive areas of Miami.

The Colombian broke two records. First, she sold the property with the most expensive SqFt in the Fl, capital for $ 1,200 SqFt. In Colombiathat would amount to 30 million Pesos per square foot. Second, She sold the apartment at the record time for 110 days on the market.

“The properties for sale can take between three to six months. Exclusivity can take six months, but if you come to sell within three months is a record. The closing of this negotiation was at 110 days, but the sales process began about 20 days earlier time in which she made the promise to purchase, the legal process of revising the titles of ownership, and more or less since closed the promise to hand over the keys, can be delayed if a purchase is  in cash from 20 days to a month, but if bank credit, can take up to 70 days, ” She said.

But how did she obtained the exclusive right to sell the property?

“With 20 years of experience, contacts, clients and the reputation and  recognition that I have achieved, gave me the  exclusive right to sell this and other properties. The client who bought the Penthouse had already purchased properties with my help in the past, and was very happy with the price and time at which the property was sold ”

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Panama Real Estate Follows Miami Trends

 Recently, the Miami Herald published a story comparing the real estate market in Panama City with the trends that have been used in Miami,For example, the Yacht Club Tower, with 59 floors designed with gym and a rooftop pool to simulate a boat floating, was explained by a real estate broker who said: “We try to emulate the style of Miami in this building. “A Miami Herald reporter described the city of Panama from the air as “a horizon on steroids” because of the many towers that seemed stakes on a fence. The article explained that many of the people who work in real estate development and construction projects in Miami, are also involved with the industry in Panama.Both cities have similar real estate market, despite being separated by 1.200 miles.”Both went through a boom in the market, too many buildings which resulted in many empty condos were built. The wealthy Latin American buyers were the salvation in the two cities where traditional market segments fell, “said the reporter Mimi Whitefield.Margarita Sanclemente a real estate broker in Miami with offices in Panama City and New York, has seen it all: bonanza, the irrational and the construction slowdown, but she has remained in the Panamanian market. She first came to Panama in 2005, when Americans were buying seduced by low property prices and low cost of living.

Apartments from 1,000 to 1,500 square meters you were attractive to retirees of Panama and the United States. ” Some buyers didn’t  even see the units . We used to sell them over phone. ” That was when new buildings were priced between $98 and $120 per meter squaring . She sold 700 properties between Panama City and Playa Blanca, in the Panamanian Pacific coast during the boom .Now prices are around $280 per square foot. “Today Panama is in a similar situation to that of Miami two years ago, the market is very active but prices continue to drop.

When the US market fell in 2008 many Americans could not close the deals they had to buy properties in Panama . However , while financial problems in the United States did affect Panama in regard to sales , the banking sector remained strong . US banks were reluctant to give mortgages, while Panamanians continued to give loans for housing.”Now things are starting to emerge in the United States , as well as here . Since there is so much economic uncertainty in the United States and people are starting to feel more confident about Panama , ” said Morris Hafeitz , general manager of Emporium Developers . He used to work in Miami as a project manager for the Brazilian conglomerate Odebrecht.Before buying properties in Panama consult a specialist law firms in real estate to understand local laws.